General fit: Our fits run standard for American designer sizing except in the shoulders and sleeves, which we like to keep long and slim. If you are ordering a jacket and wish to layer it over bulky clothing, we recommend sizing up.


Our bias dresses are cut long through the hems and straps as it's easier to shorten than to lengthen them. If your dress needs to be hemmed, please take it to a professional tailor along with the shoes you plan to wear with it, and ask them to mark the hem for you and stitch a baby hem at the appropriate length. If you are between sizes on a bias dress, please size up if you're taller or down if you're more petite. If the dress appears baggy through the bust or waist, it's likely a strap placement issue; please take the dress to a professional tailor and ask them to release the straps in the back before you try it on, and then adjust the back anchor points to help the dress drape perfectly. Please note that when fitting these dresses, it is preferable to use tape or clips vs. pins, which will leave a visible mark.

To best preserve the extra-soft finish on the smooth cupro dresses, you can take the dresses to your local green dry cleaner; alternately, to create or preserve the flatter, crinkled texture of our crinkled dresses, hand-wash in warm water and let dry wrinkled. 


Our washed lambskin is intended to age gracefully; the high-quality leather will develop a beautiful softness and patina with wear. The crinkled texture will also relax over time; if you wish to recreate a tighter crease, just soak the bag in water, wring out with gloved hands or a dark towel, and let dry wrinkled.